Past Papers of Service Center Officials - Solved Paper

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Past Papers of Service Center Officials

Service Center Official Past Papers

Punjab Land Record Authority (PLRA) has announced the jobs for the Service Center Officials. There is a lump sum salary package of 30000 for Service Center Officials 2020.

1.       Alzheimer is:
a)      A waterfall In Canada
b)      A brain-wasting disease
c)       A mountain range In Switzerland
d)      An exotic animal of Amazon

2.       Lambardar (village headman) is:
a)      An employee of the Revenue Department in BPS-6
b)      Patwari of the village
c)       An elected official of the village
d)      a non-salaried public servant appointed by Collector

3.       The capital of the Ottoman Empire was:
a)      Cairo
b)      Delhi
c)       Tehran
d)      Istanbul

4.       Magna Carta laid the foundations of.
a)      Popular government in France
b)      democratic political system in Great Britain
c)       Separation of powers in the United States of America
d)      Roman Empire

5.       Zakat literally means:
a)      deduction: slicing away
b)      growth and nourishment
c)       distribution
d)      taxation

6.       There are how many Madni Surah in the Quran:
a)      86
b)      28
c)       36
d)      114

7.       French Resolution happened in:
a)      1883
b)      1774
c)       1789
d)      1798

8.       Who was elected as Prime Minister of Japan in September 2009:
a)      Yukio Hatoyama
b)      Katsuya Okada
c)       Naoto Kan
d)      Hirose Fuji

9.       A District Committee can be suspended under Section 21 of the Zakat and Ushr Ordinance 190:
a)      8 Chief Minister
b)      Provincial Minister of Zakat
c)       Provincial Council
d)      Chief Administrator

10.   The minimum age limit for female members of different Zakat Committees is:
a)      26 years
b)      30 years
c)       40 years
d)      45 years

11.   Mithi, Diplo, Islamkot, Chachro & Nagarparker is towns/localities in the province of Sindh. To which district do these belong:
a)      Sanghar
b)      Tharparkar
c)       Badin
d)      Mirpur Khas

12.   Our foot is stuck on the accelerator and we are heading towards an abyss" Who sounded this warning about global warming:
a)      Barak Obama
b)      Gordon Brown
c)       Al-Gore
d)      Ban Ki-Moon

13.   World’s biggest uranium producer during 2008 was:
a)      U.SA
b)      Russia
c)       Kazakhstan
d)      Canada

14.   Where exactly is Rohtas Fort (UNESCO declared World Heritage) located?
a)      District Attock
b)      District Hazara
c)       District Jehlum — West of G. T. Road
d)      District Jhelum — East of G. T. Road

15.   The victim of the Lockerbie bombing in 1988 which killed over 200 passengers was:
a)      British Airways Flight
b)      Swiss Air Flight
c)       Panama Flight
d)      None of these

16.   A landowner got the produce of 1800 kilograms, of millet from his land. The notified value of millet was half that of the wheat. Under Section 5 of the Zakat and Ushr Ordinance 1980, he would be liable to pay usher?
a)      Ninety KG of millet
b)      Forty-five K.G millet's value in cash
c)       Eighteen K.G millers worth in cash
d)      Nothing

17.   Arrears of Ushr shall be recovered by:
a)      Local Zakat and Ushr Committee
b)      District Zakat and Ushr Committee
c)       District Zakat Officer
d)      Tehsildar of the Revenue Department

18.   The proceeds of Ushr are to be deposited in:
a)      Local Zakat Fund of the concerned Local Committee
b)      P.L.A of District Zakat Fund
c)       a special account maintained by District Zakat Officer
d)      a Revenue account

19.   The Chief Executive In respect of matters relating to Zakat and Ushr is:
a)      Chairman of Central Zakat Council
b)      Administrator General
c)       Minister of Religious Affairs
d)      None of these

20.   A public hospital demands a big increase in the allocation of Zakat funds on the plea that it has to attend to 20 dialysis patients every day. The dialysis process has to be undergone by patients suffering from:
a)      Thalassemia
b)      Diabetes
c)       Malfunctioning of Kidneys
d)      Chest Infection

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