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Thursday, October 1, 2020

Service Center Official Past Papers

Jobs of Serice Center Officials

Given below is the past paper of Service Center officials in Punjab Land Record Authority, Revenue Department. Salary of Service Center Official is 30000. These jobs are announced for the candidates of Punjab only.

1.       Jerusalem was recaptured from crusaders by:
a)      Sultan Noor Uddin Zangi
b)      Salahuddin Ayubi
c)       Sultan Mahmood
d)      None of these
2.       Kim Clysters — the mother of a baby girl, earned well-deserved fame by:
a)      Climbing Mount Everest
b)      Winning Nobel prize for literature
c)       Championing the cause of refugees
d)      Winning Grand Slam title (U.S open Tennis champion)

3.       'Das Kapital is:
a)      Headquarters of the Government of the U.S.A.
b)      Novel by Dostoevsky
c)       Manifesto of Britain's Labor Party
d)      A book was written by Karl Marx

4.       The Vatican is situated in the suburbs of:
a)      Rome
b)      Paris
c)       Geneva
d)      London

5.       During the early Muslim period, a landowner produced 120 wasaqs of wheat from his land which was irrigated from the water of a natural spring. How much he was liable to pay Zakat?
a)      Six wasaqs
b)      Twelve wasaqs
c)       Twenty wasaqs
d)      Forty wasaqs

6.       The account of a Provincial Zakat Fund is maintained and operated by:
a)      Chairman of Provincial Zakat Council
b)      Jointly by Secretary Zakat and Chairman zakat council
c)       Finance Department's nominee
d)      The Chief Administrator

7.       The audit report on a Provincial Zakat Fund is laid before:
a)      Governor
b)      Chief Minister
c)       Provincial Assembly
d)      Central Zakat Council

8.       Who among the great prophets prayed to ALLAH as under, "O our Lord Cover (us) with Your Forgiveness — me, my parents and (all) believers on the Day that the Reckoning will be established'
a)      Adam (AS)
b)      Abraham (AS)
c)       Moses (AS)
d)      Yousef (AS)

9.       Wikipedia Is:
a)      A hilly range In Canada
b)      An online encyclopedia
c)       A children complex In Los Angles
d)      A children's amusement park in Disney Land

10.   Mother Teresa was born in:
a)      Germany
b)      England
c)       Switzerland
d)      Albania

11.  The  First revelation came to the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) in:
a)      Arafat
b)      Cave in Hira
c)       Cave of Thaur
d)      Kaaba

12.   The number of Sections/Raku in the last chapter of the Quran are:
a)      Twenty-one
b)      Twenty-seven
c)       Thirty-Nine
d)      Forty-one

13.   Zakat prescribed in respect of buried treasure discovered from an uninhabited place during the early Muslim period was:
a)      Half of the total proceeds
b)      One-third of the total proceeds
c)       One-fourth of the total proceeds
d)      One-fifth of the total proceeds

14.   Goods meant for trading are:
a)      exempt from Zakat
b)      liable to pay Zakat
c)       liability of Zakat was on the buyer
d)      exempt but subject to a separate Sales Tax

15.   Under Zakat and Ushr Ordinance 1980, Istehqaq for treatment through public hospital is determining by:
a)      Local Zakat and Ushr Committee
b)      District Zakat and Ushr Committee
c)       District Zakat Officer
d)      The administrator of the Hospital

16.   Members of Local Zakat and Ushr Committee are:
a)      nominated by District Committee
b)      elected through secret ballot by local residents
c)       elected by the pious adult Muslims
d)      selected in a public gathering of adult Muslims

17.   Tehsil Committee consists of:
a)      The ilaqa magistrate, three women member and eight elected male members.
b)      The Assistant Commissioner, two women and six elected male members.
c)       Two women members and eight nominated male members.
d)      Twelve members of whom four would be women.
18.   'Twelfth Night is a:
a)      A novel by Thomas Hardy
b)      Comedy by William Shakespeare
c)       An epic by Milton
d)      An ode by Coleridge

19.   The Chairman of the District Zakat and Ushr The committee shall be:
a)      Elected by Zile Council
b)      Appointed by Chief Minister
c)       Nominated by the Provincial Zakat and Ushr Council
d)      Elected through secret ballot by Chairman of Local Committee

20.   How many members of the Provincial Zakat Council shall be Ulema:
a)      Three
b)      Four
c)       live
d)      seven

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